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About Rush Cricket Club

Rush Cricket Club was founded in 1931 and has been at its present location in Kenure since 1969. Rush has five adult teams (three men’s and two women’s) and currently field ten youth sides (Boys: Under 11 (x2), Under 13 (x3), Under 15 & Under 17; Girls Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15) and a Taverners’ team,  catering for all standards and interests. It you are interested in playing cricket you can contact the club by email at

The club realised early on that supporting the youth structure is the only way that the club would prosper. The first youth team were harvested from the North beach when Brendan Maypother rounded up a few footballers – Matt Sheridan, Willie Coyle & Gerry Monks included and introduced them to cricket. The youth teams have brought much pleasure and despair (in particular in the memory of those who lost the U13 cup final) to us all. Many of those who completed questionnaires acknowledged the encouragement, enthusiasm and frankly the stamina of Ed Scanlan. Many others followed and gave back their time to the club. In 1998 it was decide to provide coaching in the three primary schools in the parish and this continues today. 

Rush has always had the ethos of a family club and still strives to promote this. But it is of course a dynamic club and changes evolve with time. Over the years many of our cricket family have sought cricket elsewhere when they thought that the faraway hills were greener. Some have returned and some have gone on to greater things –  Caitriona Beggs, Ciara Metcalfe, Fintan McAllister, Neil Rock and of course Eoin Morgan. All full Internationals and all are proud of their Rush roots and acknowledge them regularly.

International Honours

Eoin Morgan

Stephen Doheny

Neil Rock

Rebecca Gough

Fintan McAllister

Ciara Metcalfe

Catriona Beggs

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